Charge New Mobile Phone Batteries In 2 Easy Steps

new mobile phone batteries

We are always left with the hard question of how to charge new mobile phone batteries. Sometimes new mobile phone batteries can have a slight charge during purchase, this is usually from quality control during testing. However, most batteries are usually uncharged and require a full day’s, or overnight charging before you can use them. Manufacturers have designed mobile phone batteries and chargers that are quick to charge and easy to, therefore, conditioning your batteries to work optimally. Follow these steps to ensure that you have charged your new battery to its full capacity before using it.

Step 1

new mobile phone batteries Select the charging method that fits the battery specification. This is usually listed by the manufacturer. You can charge new mobile phone batteries depending on the preferences and specs set by the manufacturer. There is usually a myriad of recommended ways to have your battery charged. You can put your battery or batteries inside your phone and charge with a direct line AC power supply cord that plugs into your phone and an electrical wall socket or connect the phone to a phone charger or insert the battery directly into a battery-only universal charger.


Step 2

new mobile phone batteries Charge the batteries using your chosen method. If charging the battery inside your mobile phone, turn the phone off while charging unless otherwise directed by the manufacturer. The charging duration should be between 12 to 24 hours depending on the type of battery and the manufacturer’s instructions. NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries normally require a longer charging period as compared to Li-ION (Lithium Ion) batteries.


First, you will need to drain the battery completely and recharge to prepare it to accept regular future charges at the highest optimal storage capacity possible. This also helps in having longer charging cycles. Use your phone after charging until it no powers on, or leave it turned on to completely drain the battery then recharge. Repeat at least one more draining/charging cycle afterward to guarantee complete battery conditioning.

How to Perfectly Charge Lithium Batteries

Operating at a low voltage is good for a battery’s lifespan. This increases the number of available charging cycles before you start to see a major reduction in capacity. In estimation, every 0.1V decrease in mobile voltage doubles the cycle life. This is according to Battery University.

new mobile phone batteries Charging overnight is a very common habit that is however not recommended for a number of reasons. First, continuous charging of a full battery can cause the reduction of stability in the long run and may lead to system-wide malfunctions and reboots. In addition to that, it leaves the battery at a higher stress voltage when at 100 percent. Third, it also creates excess heat.

If you pay attention to these, then you will definitely charge your new mobile phone battery the right way. For inbuilt batteries, our technicians can always do a battery replacement for you after you purchase.

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