5 Low Budget Phone and Laptop Accessories for You

Have you been thinking that there are no low budget Phone and Laptop accessories that are of high quality? Well, you have been wrong all along! There are a number of accessories that cost Ksh 1000 or less. Here they are:

Flexible Lazy Bracket Mobile Phone Stand Holder

This is a universal holder for mobile phones, digital cameras, and GPS. It can be used as a car mount, desktop or lazy bed phone holder. The main purpose of having it is to aid you as you handle tasks that may seem too complex to handle while holding your phone in your hand. Such tasks may include driving, cooking, washing etc. You might need to still concentrate on your phone while doing these tasks. This is when the phone holder comes in handy. It gives you the luxury of watching movies and videos, scrolling through social media without having to hold your phone.

It costs Ksh 999 only on Ultimate Tech. 

Original Akg Earphones

AKG is a world renown manufacturer of acoustics items. They have these awesome earphones that have high quality balanced sound. These original wired earphones are made of fabric cable and are tangle free.

Their length ranges from 8 millimeters to 11 millimeters.

They cost Ksh 699 only on Ultimate Tech.


Ldnio 2 USB Fast Car Charger C28

This is a universal charger that uses optimum charging technology. It has two ports that can accommodate two devices to charge simultaneously. The smart circuit automatically detects your devices and delivers the most optimum charging speed. It uses exclusive technology that protects your device against overcharging, over current, over voltage and short circuits. In addition to this, it has an easy attachment clip that is removable.

This will cost you only Ksh 899 on Ultimate Tech.


Flexible Wired Keyboard

This is a flexible, water proof German QWERTY keyboard for home and office use. It has 106 key connectors and is extremely durable. A greater advantage is that it has a USB to PS/2 adapter plug. For this reason, it falls under the very low budget Phone and Laptop accessories category.

This costs only Ksh 999 on Ultimate Tech.

Qualcomm Original Quick Charge 3.0

This is a high-speed charger that lets you charge three devices at the same time. It charges compatible devices up to 80% in a record 35 minutes. This is the best solution for those who are always working on their devices and are on the move. It also has a compact and portable design.

Get it on Ultimate Tech for only Ksh 699

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