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How to Keep Your Screen Brand New for the Longest Time.

One way to fend off germs: Clean your phone. Your phone is your “third hand”; one that harbors the multitude of germs and bacteria we come into contact with each day.

Screen Replacement is one of the leading phone and laptop repair needs that repair centers encounter in their day to day operations. Data from Jumia Kenya shows that it sold over 250,000 smartphones in 2017, a 25 percent increase compared to the previous year. In addition to that, smartphones accounted for 97 percent of all phones sold. Based on the above numbers, the rate at which screens are broken and need a fix is very high. To avoid using a lot of money to get your screen replaced, you need to consider the following suggestions: 

  1. Get a screen protector 

A screen protector is your phone’s best friend for days. Without it, your screen is just as good as broken. Here are the different types of screen protectors that you can choose from:

  • Tempered glass – It offers protection against impact as well as scratches. 
  • PET plastic – It covers basic scratch protection. 
  • TPU plastic – It covers Scratch protection only. 
  • Multi-layered screen protector – It is durable and withstands a significant amount of shock. 

 In Nairobi, you are spoiled for choice as all these are readily available. You can choose from glass protectors to silicone protectors, whichever fits your needs. You may order online for delivery to

your doorstep/office.  


2. Have a Phone case 

A phone case protects your phone against outside abrasions and shocks. Before making a choice, you need to be aware of the level of protection you need for your phone. It is important that you choose a case made of shock-absorbent material (like silicone or rubber) which perfectly cover your phone’s vulnerable corners. Plastic is the most commonly used material for cell phone cases as the covers are very affordable and easily accessible but it isn’t the best choice.  

The highly recommended phone case material is rubber based on these properties: 

  • Shock absorption ability 
  • Firm grip by hand  
  • Smudge resistance 
  • Stain resistance 

To make sure that your screen is also protected in the process, choose a 360 case



3. Avoid putting your phone near sharp objects 


Sometimes screens are broken because of the collision in your pocket or bag with sharp metallic objects like pins and keys. You will need to put these objects in a different area and not just stuff these harmful tiny pieces of metal together with your phone. 

MyPhonePouch is a handy solution to carry your cell phone hands-free. There is a substitute for that here known as the Sports Arm Band which can come in handy as you engage in sporting activities and want to keep your phone safe.  


4. Dont leave it on the edge when on vibration mode 

When you leave your phone on vibration mode yet it is at the edge of a surface, it can easily fallWe all know what this means and it certainly is not a leap of faith! When your phone falls, the screen is the first area to experience considerable risk of destruction. As much as you might be having a phone case and a screen protector, the danger is still imminent.  


There are several other factors that pose a risk to the life of your phone’s screen and if observed can save you considerable amount of anguish and cash in repairs. If you are a family person, it is important to keep your phone away from the kids or from an angry partner! Came as a shock? You may be surprised that this happens more often than not. Keep your screen safe and enjoy the luxury that comes with owning a fully functional phone. 




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